How Do I Receive Calls Through Microsoft Teams Phone?


Microsoft Teams can now work as a full communication platform. It can now be used to receive external calls to your business’s phone numbers. Microsoft Teams Phone is the solution that essentially converts your Teams solution into a office phone system.

The benefits of this are that all internal and external communication will be done through Teams. Employees will have fewer systems and interfaces to learn, and this increases productivity and employee satisfaction.

You have two routes available, you can purchase Microsoft’s Teams Phone solution, or you can bring a third-party network operator that will provide call rates and call features.

Why use a third-party for Microsoft Teams Phone?

Microsoft may charge you more for calls and minutes than a local telecom company. A provider such as in2tel, will not only provide you with competitive call rates but will be also able to provide call management and call features that do not come as standard with Microsoft Teams Phone.

For example, in2tel offer a Teams call management solution that provides call centre features such as phone payment systems, voice menus, and advanced call routing.

Can I use my existing telecom provider with Teams?

If they are a Microsoft partner and can provide Operator Connect or Direct Routing with Teams, then yes, you can.

Can I use my existing telephone system with Teams?

This will depend on which system it is, and who is the system’s supplier. You will need to check with your supplier to see if this is an option.

What do I need to start external calls through Teams?

Your business will need an Office 365 license, which will provide the Microsoft Teams platform. You will then need a Microsoft Teams Phone solution either through Microsoft or through a Microsoft Partner such as in2tel.

Business phone numbers will be required, you can purchase new ones from in2tel or you can bring existing numbers.

What do I need to start external calls through Teams?

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I would like to look into Microsoft Teams telephony

in2tel specialise in creating bespoke call routing solutions that can improve customer interactions and increase satisfaction levels. Our expertise will allow you to create a bespoke Teams solution to perfectly fit your business. We are very competitive with call rates and will always look to reduce your monthly telecom bill.

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