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Business Call Recording Software


Easily record, store, and retrieve all of your business calls. Never miss a critical detail again and quickly resolve all customer issues.

Record Every Inbound and Outbound Call

Search, listen to, comment, download, and review your recordings.

Our call recording portal gives you all the tools you need to manage your recordings in a secure and easy-to-use environment. A tagging system allows you to archive your recordings in any order and the built-in search tool can help you find them.


Call Recording Features

Call details

Lists the calling number, the called number, ring duration, answer duration, outcome (answered/not answered) and any additional notes added.

Downloadable audio

Download any recording in MP3 format. For security and compliance, all downloads are timestamped and logged.

Tag data

Create customisable tags that can be applied to each call recording for later reference. You can search by tag when using the search tool

Search for any number or text associated with a call recording in a specific date and time range. This could be a call ID, calling number, target number, or the agent’s details.

Search for call recordings using less identifiable data. Search for tags, call durations, call features and file searches.

Cloud portal

A secure browser-based portal where all call recordings are stored. Access from any device that can access the Internet.

Two-factor authentication

Each login to the portal will require two-factor authentication from the user. A username, password and SMS code will be required to log in.

Timestamped logs

Whenever an audio file is accessed, listened to, or downloaded a log is recorded stating the team member’s name, time and date.

GDPR compliance

Determine the retention period of call recordings and assign a data controller to manage the deletion requests.

The in2tel Business Phone Network

Benefit from carrier-grade quality calls, a multi-cloud infrastructure that allows a 99.999% uptime SLA, and encryption options for signalling (TLS) and media (SRTP/ZRTP).


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Call Recording Storage Built for Data Integrity and Compliance

Each account will require an assigned data controller who will oversee data deletion. Users will require two-factor authentication each time they log in.

Whenever a record is accessed, played or downloaded, a timestamp is created and added to the record’s log. The timestamp will show the user’s name, their action, and the time and date that the record was used.


Tag and Identify Your Call Recordings for Later Use

Tags are a great way to label your call recordings, making them easy to search for and review.

Custom tags

Create custom tag labels with an associated colour that can be searched for using the search tool.

Examples tags could be a sale, lost sale, bad language, needs management review, or coaching.

Data Tags


Additional Phone Services

Add additional voice services as and when you need them.


Business Phone Lines

Low-cost, high-quality line rental delivered via VoIP.


Call Centre Software

Looking to manage high volumes of inbound or outbound calls?


Messaging Services

Reach out to customers by SMS or push notifications for sales, customer service, and security.

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