7 Benefits of a Hosted PBX


For businesses that are looking for a telephone system (PBX), there are two choices, on-premises or Cloud. (See our hosted PBX solutions vs on-premise phone systems article for a full comparison).

The primary reason chosen for choosing a hosted PBX is the low initial cost. Since Cloud systems first entered the market, increased competition over the years has meant that setup costs have come down. Setup may be €100s rather than €1000s if you’re comparing it to the full purchase of an on-premise system.

It has to be noted that the lowest setup fee might not always be the cheapest or best deal for you on the market. Hosted PBXs are normally charged as a monthly fee, per registered user and this will be dependent on the feature set you choose.

2. IP phones and VoIP calls

An IP phone is more like a computer than a typical analogue phone. Due to the Internet connection, this type of phone can sync with the business phone system with ease, updating contacts, settings, and history without the need for manual input. This makes an IP handset much easier to manage from a user level and the person managing the phone system.

While analogue phones can have an extensive feature set, IP phone systems generally have a greater range without the need for additional hardware.

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3 Upgrades and installations

A hosted PBX provider is responsible for keeping your purchased system up-to-date. This includes feature updates, security patches and other things to keep the system in working order.

While most updates will be included with most modern on-site systems, if you own a hosted PBX solution, the provider will be the one overseeing these updates, reducing the chance of technical error and using its resources, if something goes wrong.

4. Flexibility and scalability

While analogue handsets are relatively inexpensive, the cost of support, configuration, and upgrades soon builds up.

The provisioning of analogue phones is a slow and painful process, with a rewire needed to simply move the location. IP handsets come with preprogrammed provisioning, meaning that you can simply connect to a router anywhere in the world and the handset will be usable. The handset will remember the user, their settings, and their history.

Desktop and mobile applications now come with modern IP phone systems. These applications allow employees to connect to the phone system via any IP-enabled device. This could be a mobile, tablet or desktop computer, allowing for remote working, or work from home policies.

5. PBX Support

PBX system support can mean many things, it can mean assisting users with a platform, fixing technical issues from the host’s location or guidance when upgrading or installing the system.

When purchasing an on-premises system, support is normally something that must be purchased in addition to the system price. This may be from the supplier or a managed service provider.

Hosted PBX providers will offer a range of various support packages, however, because the system sits on their site, some of the mentioned above support is going to be included in the price with no additional costs.

Larger organisations may have the technical skillsets to be able to manage this in-house, however, for small to medium organisations fulfilling these tasks can come at a high cost.

6. Collaboration

With working from home policies being more common now across all industries, the need for collaboration platforms has increased exponentially.

Hosted PBX providers have realised that their platforms can offer this capability and have been upgrading their systems to integrate with common office platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom and CRM systems to retain their customers.

While this may not necessarily mean a free upgrade is due for all customers, it may allow for a quick and easy transition to the upgraded package or system, without disruption to users or the business.

7. Fraud protection

In 2022, cyber security is vital for all businesses and phone systems are no different. Whether it’s on-site or in the Cloud, modern PBXs all use VoIP technology and if they’re connected to the Internet they’re at risk of cyber-attacks.

A single account of fraud can be devastating for an organisation and as a business, it is responsible for having the necessary protection in place to stop this. Having a third party manage your phone system, is another set of eyes and tools to prevent this. A hosted PBX provider will be able to monitor inbound and outbound calls and can watch out for unusual activity, blocking it before it takes place.

Call and spend limits can be put in place to stop higher than normal monthly bills and calls going out to premium numbers not used within the business.

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