IVR Software

Create interactive menus for your phone lines, that can guide callers, reduce call queues, and automate services. Our IVR software allows you to create easy drag-and-drop systems that can be changed almost instantly.

We can also assist you in the design of your IVR system. Our experience in telecoms has meant that we’ve learnt what goes best for increasing customer satisfaction, improving productivity, or reducing call times.

Drag and drop self-service

Call routing

Third-party system integration

Discover how call routing could help your business

Basic IVRs allow simple navigation throughout your business. in2tel’s IVR software benefits from its advanced call routing features so that no matter how complex your business is, customers will always find the correct person, every time.

  • Business opening hours
  • Quantity routing
  • Homeworking
  • Agent finder

IVR software features


Audio upload

Upload your voice narrators and music to personalise the caller experience.


If no solution or agent can be found, callers can leave a voicemail.

Call recording

Call record any customer interaction over the IVR.

SMS and email notifications

Send automatic notifications based on a caller’s decisions. Provide full self-service when paired with our payment or ordering features.

Call queueing

When your lines are very busy, have your callers placed into a queuing system. Offer automated call-backs to those who cannot wait on the phone.


Business hours routing

Choose where your calls are routed, depending on the time of day. You can also decide where calls go outside of business hours.

Quantity routing

Decide where calls are routed when you are at your busiest. This could be a backup team in a separate location or simply adding callers to a queue.


If your staff is working from home, have your calls routed to their mobiles or softphones automatically.


Payments over the phone

Allow callers to pay you over the phone without human interaction, using a PCI-DSS Level 1 payment system.


Automate your ordering process so that callers can order supplies or replacements with the touch of a button.

CRM systems

Allow customers to check their account information stored in the CRM or helpdesk systems.

HTTP requests

Add this Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system to your existing call centre software via an HTTP request.

IVR Software Benefits

Advanced workflows for quicker paths

Build advanced workflows packed with features that take the strain off your agents, whilst keeping your customers satisfied. Our IVRs support multiple sites, remote workers, and fast-paced changes.

Build an efficient self-service flow

Not every call requires human interaction. Reduce the cost of your call centre through self-service. Setup specific qualifying questions and lead callers straight to the correct system.

Clever routing for seamless transitions

Callers do not like being made to wait. Make sure your IVR can route callers at all times based on time of day, during high call volumes, and in case of emergencies.


Built for reliability and security

Carrier-Grade Quality

Tier-1 interconnects and a private MPLS fibre backbone minimises hops on the public internet.

99.999% Uptime SLA

Redundant multi-cloud infrastructure and carrier independence eliminate downtime.

Unmatched Security

Encryption options for signalling (TLS) and media (SRTP/ZRTP) ensure your communications are secure.


Arthritis Ireland

We, in Arthritis Ireland, are delighted with the service and support provided by the team in2tel. They have allowed our national helpline service to grow during the pandemic when our community were particularly anxious and looking for support and information.

On the rare occasions that we have a technical problem with the app or an extension, the help team resolve it immediately and with the minimum of fuss.

Peter Boyd

Services Officer

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