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Terms & Conditions


1.1. Welcome to in2tel. in2tel provide telecom services predominantly which support business in Ireland. In these Terms of Use (“Terms”) ‘you’ means the individual using in2tel services including the use of their website. “portal” means access to your business account details and in2tel services which have been purchased. “ideas” means when a member of the public or customer has contacted in2tel on product or service creation or improvement. “Personal Data” means information that can identify a person. Which can include name, postal address (including billing, shipping), telephone number, email address, financial account information, account number. Personal Data does not include information that does not identify a specific user.

1.2. in2tel may modify the Terms and you are advised to keep up to date with any changes by regularly reviewing. By using our website, you agree to be bound by our Terms.

Using our services

2.1. By using our services, you agree to these Terms, so please read carefully.

2.2. Ensure you follow any policies made available to you within the Services.

2.3. There may be pages asking you to register for information. If you do register, we may ask you to provide personal (, address, e-mail address, telephone number).

2.4. in2tel does not guarantee the security of the website, for more information please review our Privacy Policy.

2.5. When registering to use our services, you agree to provide accurate and complete information about yourself by the in2tel service ordering process and this data is kept up to date.

2.6. Never misuses, destruct or break our services, see clause 3, suspension of services

2.7. In connection with using our services we may from time to time send out service notifications and any other information which may be prudent to your service. If you wish to Opt-out please inform our support desk.

2.8. When setting up a new account, in2tel will provide you with; Account Number, username and password details, where access to our services will be provided. You or a nominated person will be solely responsible for all activities that occur with your account.

2.8.1. You are responsible for all content including comments, audio files and any other data you upload or post to the portal or communicate to other users through the portal. If you did not create the content, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have all necessary consents from the owner.

2.8.2. You must notify in2tel of any breach or authorised use on your account.

2.8.3. Ensure business password policies are adhered and confidential.

2.8.4. Ensure you are not logged in any longer than required.

2.8.5. in2tel has no obligation to monitor users accounts or contents and breaching any copyright laws or misuse of service may lead to account suspension.

2.9. Products provided by in2tel (where a contract is between you and in2tel) are subject to further terms and conditions for provision of services.

2.10. Customers are not able to transfer or assign any or all the rights under this agreement or any other agreement to another business or person(s).

Suspension of services

3.1. in2tel may suspend all or part of the service or any part of them for as long as reasonably practicable or disconnect at any time without notice.

3.2. By using our services, you agree to these Terms and any additional terms and breaching these terms will lead to the suspension of your account.

3.3. Authorised by regulatory bodies (Comreg) or law enforcement.

3.4. in2tel has any reason to believe the services are being used unlawful, fraudulent or improper use of purpose.

3.5. Customer will remain liable for all charges during any period of suspension attributable to the actions or omissions of the customer.

Data protection

4.1. in2tel Privacy Policy explains how we collect data your personal data and protect your privacy using our services. You agree that in2tel can use such data in accordance with our Privacy Policy and any legal and regulatory request made to in2tel.

5. Availability

5.1. Although in2tel have a resilient network we know there may be issues out of our control we cannot manage. In the eventuality of a fault, in2tel will attempt to restore any service as soon as reasonably practicable.

5.2. Access to the services may occasionally be suspended or restricted for network maintenance.

5.3. in2tel reserves the right to remove, update. delete, discontinue or temporarily take out of service without notification.


6.1. in2tel are not liable for any loss (direct or indirect) or consequential losses, damages or expenses suffered by the consumer including (not limited to) loss of anticipated sales profits or savings, goodwill, business contract or losses resulting from third party claims.

Contact and copyright

When you submit ideas, suggestions concerning any of our products and services to in2tel you agree that:

7.1. Your idea does not contain confidential or proprietary information.

7.2. in2tel have full authority to use or decline the idea.

7.3. in2tel are under no obligation of any confidentially, expressed of implied in respect to the idea.

7.4. Where applicable (otherwise prohibited by applicable laws) the idea will become the property of in2tel.

7.5. You waive access to any rights to your idea.


8.1. in2tel may terminate any agreement immediately by notice in writing to the Customer If:

8.1.1. Customer is in breach of this agreement or any other agreement between the parties.

8.1.2. Unauthorised access, License, permissions, agreement granted by in2tel in relationship to the provision of the service.

8.1.3. in2tel unable to collect outstanding debt or payment.

8.1.4. The Customer can at any time, providing reasonable notice, terminate the agreement or any other between the parties, upon transfer on all numbers and services subject to the agreement.

Governed law

9.1. Terms of this agreement and any other agreement between the parties is governed by Irish Law and Irish Courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction as regards to any disputes which may arise.


At the time of publication, in2tel may not be aware of inaccuracies and once informed of any inaccuracies in2tel will endeavour to correct them within a reasonable time.

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