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Microsoft Teams Telephony

Combine Microsoft Teams with the in2tel network to create the ultimate communication and collaboration tool.

You’ll be able to answer external calls through your Teams’ interface. Seamlessly, switch from desktop to mobile with all your contacts, schedules and files at your fingertips.

Whether it’s direct routing from your business numbers, integration with a phone system, or intelligent call management, in2tel can create the perfect Teams solution for your needs.

  • Direct routing
  • Phone system integration
  • Call management

Start receiving calls through Teams


Direct Routing

Staff will be able to answer incoming calls from your business phone numbers through the Teams application. There will be no need for desk phones, as Teams can be installed on any computer or mobile. You can answer calls on the most suitable device to your location and switch been devices instantly without any loss of communication.


Phone System Integration

Unite multiple offices, multinational departments, and the whole business under a single phone system.

Align business communications internally and externally with in2pbx, our Cloud PBX. It requires a low initial investment, and you’ll benefit from a cost-effective, carrier-grade voice network.


Call Management

For more complex solutions, we can combine in2tel network capabilities with Teams to create a bespoke unified comms solution. Whether it’s call management, back-end system integration, or a call centre setup, we’ll combine the correct technologies with some clever know-how from our end, for the perfect telephony solution.

Our Teams telephony is perfect for business offices, remote working, and call centres.

The benefits of joining in2tel

in2tel capability through the Microsoft Teams application.

Carrier-grade business network

Tier-1 interconnects and a private MPLS fibre backbone minimize hops on the public internet. The network is fully designed for business use.

99.999% Uptime SLA

Redundant multi-cloud infrastructure and carrier independence eliminate downtime.

Strong security

Encryption options for signalling (TLS) and media (SRTP/ZRTP) ensure your communications are secure.


On demand capability

Quickly switch in or out call features the in2tel network has to offer, such as IVRs, call queues, and dialling assistance.

Back-end system integration

We can create bespoke connections to any system such as CRMs, existing comms platforms, SMS, or messaging apps.

Full network ownership

The in2tel network is independent allowing us to create our solutions around the network’s infrastructure. There are no third-parties, to restrict bespoke design.

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One platform for all communication

Why choose Teams for telephony?

Beautiful, easy-to-use interfaces

With most offices already using Office 365, the majority of end-users are comfortable operating Microsoft applications. Bringing calling to Teams makes it one less platform to learn, whilst having simple connectivity to Outlook, Word and Excel. It means collaborating internally and externally can be done with a few simple clicks.

All comms under one platform

Workplace productivity is higher when end-users have simple, easy-to-use applications in front of them. Integrating your phone lines with Teams not only reduces the need for further phone system applications but also the need for handsets.

Home and remote working

Access Teams through a desktop application, mobile application or even a browser. You’ll instantly see the same screen, same contacts, and have the same capability whether you’re in the office, on the road, or at home.

Get started with Microsoft Teams Telephony from in2tel today

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Let us show you how integrating Microsoft Teams with our Cloud PBX solution will streamline and improve your business communications strategy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Microsoft related questions

Do I require an Office 365 license?

To have a business version of Microsoft Teams an Office 365 license is required.

Can this be done with Skype for Business?

We do not offer a Skype solution. Microsoft retired Skype for Business Online in July 2021, and while Skype is still available, Microsoft’s focus moving forward appears to be on Teams. Microsoft does offer a direct move from a Skype to Business Server to Teams.

in2tel related questions

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