The UK ISDN Switch Off

A quick summary of what is happening:

  • Old telephone technologies (ISDN & PSTN) are being retired.
  • VoIP (Internet Telephony) is the replacement.
  • Open Reach are currently phasing out the old technologies, with them set to be gone by December 2025.
  • Businesses need to move off their old technology or risk losing their voice communications.

ISDN and PSTN, abbreviations for old copper telephone technologies, are set to be switched off as the UK looks to move forward with more modern VoIP technology.

Before you panic, VoIP isn’t a new technology and has been around for many years. Its teething problems have long been resolved and its now common in mobile applications and software.


What is VoIP?

VoIP is a technology that allows calls, messaging, and video calls to be made over the Internet.

Without realising it, you’ve probably used VoIP to make or receive a call in the past. If you have made a WhatsApp call or used Apple’s FaceTime, these platforms use VoIP to deliver their services

Access to quick Internet speeds has always been a setback to VoIP. It relies on a steady Internet connection to deliver a good-quality call. Improvements within the broadband market, such as faster Internet speeds and access for rural areas have meant that the vast majority of businesses and households can now use VoIP.

The UK ISDN Switch-off

When is the ISDN Switch Off in the UK?

The UK ISDN switch-off is scheduled for December 2025.

What Will Happen to ISDN AND PTSN Phones?

If you have not switched to a modern phone line or system, you may completely lose your phone communication after this date.

What Other Business Systems Could Be Affected?

Fax machines are most likely to be impacted, however, older CCTV systems and alarms could be affected if they run on ISDN.

What Services Can I Switch to?

A VoIP Phone Line, or a Phone System will be suitable for most businesses.

The Benefits of VoIP Phone Calls

Not Just Voice

VoIP allows for several forms of communication including voice, messaging, conferencing, and video.

This allows modern systems to use all forms of communication increasing productivity and efficiency.

Lower Overall Costs

Modern systems do not need the same level of infrastructure and hardware that traditional systems require.

Purchasing a new system has much lower initial cost and the overall cost of calls is lower.

Additional Features

VoIP phone systems come with a whole range of features as standard that were not available or that were expensive additions.

Features such voicemail, recording, monitoring, queueing are readily available.

Increased Flexibility

For businesses the quick addition or removal of phone lines is a huge benefit. It gives a business flexibility and the ability to react quickly.

It also allows staff to work remotely. No longer is a phone line tied to a desk.

Integration With Systems

You can now integrate your phone system with other business systems. Making everything more streamlined.

Data can be shared automatically from system to system, meaning more productivity and less hassle.

Security & Protection

UK phone lines are set for a big change in 2025, but do you know why?

ISDN and PSTN, abbreviations for old copper telephone technologies, are set to be switched off as the UK looks to move forward with more modern VoIP technology.

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