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The Do Not Originate (DNO) List


ComReg, the Irish communications regulator, is teaming up with other telecom regulators worldwide to stop annoying phone calls, texts, and emails. You know the ones – they’re a total nuisance and can even be used to scam people.

What is the DNO List?

The DNO List lists inbound-only phone numbers companies should not use to make outbound calls. Scammers and fraudsters often use fake caller ID numbers to trick people into answering their calls. Using the DNO List, companies can help prevent these scams and protect their customers.

ComReg has encouraged all telecom operators in Ireland to implement DNO to protect Irish consumers and businesses. Telecom operators can access the DNO List and block calls from these numbers.

What numbers should be included on the DNO List?

The following types of inbound-only phone numbers for the DNO List:

  • Phone numbers that have a high likelihood of being scammed, including geographic numbers, e.g. 01, 021 numbers, and Non-Geographic Numbers, e.g. 1800 and 0818 numbers
  • Phone numbers that have been scammed in the past
  • High-profile or widely advertised phone numbers, e.g. numbers on bank cards, public service numbers
  • Phone numbers with high volumes of consumer traffic

How do I apply to add a number to the DNO List?

Organisations wishing to apply to add numbers to the DNO List should refer to the Guidance Note and Application Form.

Is there a fee to add numbers to the list?

Adding or removing a number from the DNO List is free.

For more information on the DNO List

ComReg’s page provides more information about the DNO List, including how to access it, report numbers that should be added, and how to implement it as a telecom operator.

So, there you have it! ComReg is doing its best to stop these annoying messages and make our phones and inboxes more peaceful. If you get one, report it and help ComReg out!

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