1800 Numbers – Everything You Need To Know


When a call is made to an 1800 number, the call is free for the caller, and only the receiver is charged.

What phone number begins with 1800?

1800 is a toll-free number used around the world and in Ireland. Toll-free, freephone, or free-to-call can all describe this type of number. When a call is made to an 1800 number, the call is free for the caller, and only the receiver is charged.

Contact centres and sales departments use 1800 numbers to allow customers and prospects free communication with the business. Studies have shown that these numbers can improve customer satisfaction and increase the likelihood of a call being made.

Are 1800 numbers free to call?

Yes, calling 1800 numbers will cost you nothing.

How much do 1800 numbers cost the receiver?

There is no set price for receiving a call on a freephone number. The price is determined by where the call originates from and where it is delivered. Mobile and landline costs will vary. If your freephone number is directed to a local Dublin number, it will be considerably cheaper than receiving it from an international number in Germany.

The cost of an 1800 number should be weighed against its benefits. If sales numbers increase due to their use, or customers leave satisfied after phoning for support, they are very affordable.

How do I get an 1800 number?

As a network provider, in2tel supplies virtual phone numbers, including freephone numbers. We provide fantastic rates; you can choose a specific number if available. For more information, contact us through the live chat function, via the contact page or call in2tel’s freephone number 1800 91 1800.

What call features can it offer?

An 1800 number could be used with a standard phone line, a phone system, or as part of a call centre. These technologies will enable what call features can be used with your freephone number. Some of the features we can offer are:

  • Auto-attendant – greet or inform callers before they speak to a person
  • IVR/voice menus – route calls based on the caller’s keypresses.
  • Call queues – when no agents are available, queue incoming callers.
  • Call recording – record each inbound and outbound call.
  • Call routing – distribute calls to the appropriate office, department or person.
  • Pickup strategies – Never miss a call with a proper ring/pickup strategy.
  • Wallboards – visualise all voice communications in your office or call centre.

How much do 1800 numbers cost to buy?

You will pay a monthly rental charge to associate it with your business and then be charged per minute for any call received on this number.

Different operators will have a variety of pricing structures.

At in2tel, we have three charges associated with a freephone number.

  • Setup cost – €65
  • Monthly rental charge – €11
  • Call charges – Pay As You Use / €11

Complete delivery of a call is included in these charges. This includes any redirects to numbers of your choice.

How to set up an 1800 number?

You will be given access to an online portal. From this portal, you can manage all your 1800 numbers, configure which numbers they are redirected to and monitor all incoming traffic with live statistics.

Why should I use 1800 numbers?

Increasing incoming communication

They say all communication is good for business. More specifically, if a potential customer refuses to call because of the expense, it isn’t good for business. An 1800 number gives you a competitive edge over rivals not providing a free-to-call option.

They encourage prospects and customers to contact a business using traditional phone numbers for sales and marketing campaigns.

Providing live statistics and easy management

1800 numbers are perfect for campaigns that need tracking. If you’re running adverts and want to know the success of your campaign, live statistics in the portal will provide instant reporting.

From the portal, you’ll also be able to manage where an 1800 number is routed. Destination numbers can be changed easily or automatically if you’re on the road or are about to finish for the day.

Creating a national presence

Perception can play a large part in the decision-making process. If a business looks regional or too small, it might only be able to fulfil some of my needs.

Freephone numbers promote a national presence and allow you to market your services outside a fixed location. With most organisations now active online, it creates a centralised, national number available to everyone.

1800 numbers are flexible

Freephone numbers can be set up and discontinued very quickly. If you have a short marketing campaign, you’re not tied to the number forever.

How do I call an 1800 number from the UK?

Irish 1800 numbers are only dialable from inside Ireland.

If you need to call one of these numbers from outside Ireland, we only suggest that you try and find an alternative contact method from the organisation.

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