0818 Numbers – Everything You Need To Know


0818 is an Irish National number range that businesses use to create a national presence. Calling these numbers incurs a standard landline charge, that will be included in monthly minutes and free landline call packages.

0818 is also classed as a Non-Geographic Number (NGN). These numbers are used by businesses to create a nationwide appearance, removing the need for area codes such as 01 for Dublin, or 061 for Limerick.

Are 0818 numbers free?

Yes and no, 0818 numbers are technically not free, but they will be included in your free minutes or call bundle packages at no extra cost. In this case, calls from your landline or mobile, will not incur a charge.

Without any free call minutes, calling an 0818 will incur a regular landline cost, depending on your mobile or landline provider’s rates. Recent changes by ComReg decided that the cost of calling these numbers must be the same as calling any other landline.

How much do 0818 numbers cost to call?

Since December 2019, this type of number is now included in Irish free call bundles. If you receive minutes on your mobile contract or free calls on your landline contract, 0818 calls will now be included in these bundles.

If you have no free minutes or calls, you will be charged for a standard landline call by your provider.

How much do 0818 numbers cost to own for businesses?

Different operators will have a variety of pricing structures.

You will pay a setup charge and a monthly rental charge to associate it with your business. People phoning the number will then be charged per minute, for any call received on the number.

At in2tel, we have three charges associated with a national number.

  • Setup cost
  • Monthly rental charge
  • Call charges (caller pays)

Will 0818 numbers stay with ComReg’s changes?

From January 2022, ComReg is reducing non-geographic numbers to two ranges.

  1. 1800 Freephone/toll-free numbers
  2. 0818 National numbers

The following ranges will be withdrawn:

  • 1850 Call Save numbers
  • 1890 Lo-Call numbers
  • 076 VoIP numbers

For additional information on Irish phone number ranges, please find the following articles:

How do I purchase an 0818 number?

As a network provider, in2tel supplies virtual phone numbers including National numbers. We provide fantastic rates and you can choose a specific number if it’s available. For more information, contact us through the live chat function, via the contact page or call in2tel’s freephone number 1800 91 1800.

How do I call an 0818 number from the UK?

To call an Irish number from the UK. You first have to dial the UK’s Exit Code 00 (or + on mobiles), Ireland’s Country Code 353 and then the chosen number, minus the first 0, if there is one.

For example: to call 0818 286 666, would be 00 353 818 286 666 from the UK.

Please be warned these calls will most likely not be included in UK phone packages and may be charged at a high rate!

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