in2tel help Domestic & General service Ireland & the UK


The challenge

Due to increasing inbound call volumes from Ireland, Domestic & General needed an instant routing service, where the destination number could be quickly changed within its UK call centres.

What we did

Through its current provider, Domestic & General could have to wait up to 48 hours before a reroute would be in place. This would result in dropped calls and a reduced level of customer service.

Fortunately, in2tel’s call routing allows a business to route calls from geographic or non-geographic telephone numbers to new a number instantly. Now Domestic & General can have their Irish numbers routed to any of their call centres no matter where they are located in seconds, via our web portal.

Since then

Following the project’s success, in2tel were then invited to provide Domestic & General with a hosted IVR, across all of their Irish services. The IVR provides customers with pre-requisite information as well as a simple menu to direct them to various departments such as sales and support.