Response to Irish Telecom Hacking Campaign & Important Partner Advisory

You may be aware of the recent hacking that targeted Irish telecom companies last Friday. This well-coordinated and significant assault served as a stark reminder of the evolving cyber threats we face.

Thankfully, our robust security measures ensured that customers on our network remained unaffected. Whilst third-party, on-premises PBXs appeared to have been breached, the in2tel network minimised their effectiveness by blocking and restricting any exposure to fraudulent calls.

Partner Advisory on Security

Cyber threats are ever-changing and, as such, require constant vigilance. This is especially crucial as we approach the holiday season, a time when many customers will be taking their annual leave.

  1. We urge our partners to reassess their security measures and:
    1. Closely monitor customer balances
    2. Ensure that the correct tariffs and credit limits are in place for all accounts.
    3. Be aware that cyber-attacks can continue, and preparedness is key to resilience.
  2. We at in2tel want to support you through this. We’re here to offer advice on bolstering your cybersecurity measures. Let’s work together more efficiently – let us know who oversees your security. A name or a team, we’re here to collaborate and fortify our defences.

Remember, cybersecurity isn’t a one-man job; it’s a shared responsibility. As an in2tel reseller, you are responsible for your customer’s data and the penalties that come with that if your systems are breached.

Please act now or get in touch with us if you have any doubts. We’re grateful for the trust you place in us, and we’re fully committed to safeguarding it.

Stay vigilant, stay safe, and stay connected.

in2tel Team

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