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VoIP is the modern method of making a telephone call. Instead of using an old PSTN connection, VoIP technology allows you to send voice, video, and data connections over your broadband connection. This not only provides fantastic call quality, but monthly phone bills are a fraction of what they used to be.

Business VoIP solutions allow an extensive range of call features, that used to be only available to large enterprises. It allows staff to work and communicate from anywhere with the Internet, without the need for a fixed location. Below you can find some of the VoIP solutions in2tel offers.

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What is business VoIP?

Voice over IP is a method used to send communications and multimedia over Internet Protocol (IP) networks. A simple example of this is using the WhatsApp or Teams applications to make phone calls and send images. While the technology behind the scenes is quite complex, VoIP providers such as in2tel create business applications such as phone systems, call management software, and softphones to make communication simple for the end user.

What features can VoIP offer?

  • Audio calling
  • Business system integrations
  • Conferencing
  • Interactive voice response (IVR)
  • Call recording
  • Over the phone payments


What is VoIP?

VoIP technology allows you to send voice, video, and data connections over your broadband connection. It is used as a modern replacement for traditional analogue services, lowering costs and increasing call functionality.

Will VoIP save me money?

If you are still using traditional analogue phone lines, we can almost guarantee that a VoIP landline will lower your monthly bill. If you would like to find out how much you could save send your current phone bill to sales@in2tel.ie and we’ll come back with a quick answer.

Benefits of using VoIP services

VoIP offers both small and large enterprises several benefits in addition to cost reductions.
·        Higher first-call resolution percentages
·        Advanced customer self-service options
·        Greater team mobility and flexibility
·        Increased team output and a more evenly distributed effort
·        Improved processes as a result of automation and AI
·        Increased customer satisfaction
·        Detailed insight into agent, department, and overall call centre activity via analytics
·        Higher levels of customisation and personalisation

Reliability of VoIP phone service

VoIP is a very stable technology. VoIP providers will offer service level agreements (SLAs) which will guarantee uptimes of 99.9% up to 99.999%. It’s worth checking with your provider about what guarantees they can offer.

How much does it cost to install VoIP?

Installation and sign-up fees will vary from provider to provider.
As VoIP is delivered through a broadband connection, there are no infrastructure requirements and therefore installation is a quick process on the provider’s network.

Let us Try Lowering Your Bills

If you’d like us to review your current phone bill. Please send it as an attachment to sales@in2tel.ie. We’ll have one of our experts give you an honest answer and if we can save you money.

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