Calls & Lines: Call Recording

Our call recording product is one that is easy to understand and use. Quite simply, you make a call and we record it or your receive a call and we record it. Offered exclusively as a component of our ISDN feature pack, our calls and lines feature pack includes call recording as standard and a wealth of other benefits. When we record calls, we generate an MP3 file which (unless configured otherwise) captures both what the caller is hearing and what they're saying from the very beginning of the call. All calls are stored for 30 days as standard with further options to extend this, subject to storage costs, with all calls backed up to our modern and secure data warehouse.

Our customers tend to have a range of reasons for wanting call recording, ranging from regulatory requirements through to providing an extremely effective tool for handling disputes.

Call recording is available on all of our services.

We provide many options on our call recording services, as everyone's requirements are different. They fall into two main groups:

  • When to record. You can choose to record all calls or a random percentage of them. Recording usually starts from the moment the caller completes dialling, which means we record any interaction the call has with IVR (messages and menus) as well as the time they spend connected to an operator, or we can just record from when that conversation starts. Recording can also be started manually when the operator presses the * key.
  • What to do with the recording. We normally keep recordings on our web site ready for the customer to download for seven days. The customer can also download the recordings in batches, have such batches sent (by email or FTP) on a daily or weekly basis or have each recording emailed to them as soon as it completes. For those with a requirement to keep such recordings for a long time, we keep long term archives with a retrieval fee.

Calls & Lines: Call Recording

As mentioned above, you can add call recording to any of our services from the simplest of Basic NTS products through to complete call centre setups and our latest product allows you to apply call recording to your entire calls and liens deployment. Taking advantage of this functionality involves migrating to In2tel's Advanced ISDN solution which generally starts with a bill analysis to demonstrate our cost competitiveness along with our added functionality. Call Dan on 01 4851976 to get started or complete our quick enquiry form below.

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