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Telecoms That Help Sales Teams Close More Deals

As a sales professional, your time is valuable. Every minute you spend on administrative tasks is a minute you’re not spending on selling. That’s why having the right phone system can make all the difference in your success. Here’s how call routing, auto dialling, and card phone payment systems can help you close more deals and maximise efficiency.


Moving all our telecommunications to in2tel back in 2020 was the best decision we ever made.”



Automatically direct customers to the right person

Call Routing

With call routing, incoming calls can be directed to the right salesperson based on the caller’s needs. This ensures that customers get the help they need quickly and efficiently without navigating through a complicated phone system or being put on hold for long periods.

By connecting customers with the right person right away, you’ll be able to provide a better customer experience and increase your chances of closing a sale.

Automatic routing

Have your inbound calls automatically routed to the agent assigned to that customer.

Custom Routing Configuration

Choose from time-based, skill-based or a custom call routing configuration.

Integrate with Sales Systems

When a customer calls, the number is checked against a database based on custom rules we can design.

Take sales over the phone

Card Payment System

Increase revenue over the phone with a PCI level 1 card payment system, the highest tier of security available.

Accepting card phone payments can make the sales process faster and more convenient for your customers.


PCI Level 1

The highest tier of card payment security protects your customers and your business.

All Major Cards

Allow customers from Northern Ireland and the UK to call your business’s number.

Integrate with systems

Combine any business system with an API. Automatically update records as soon as payment is taken.


Automatically compile calling lists

Auto Dialler

An auto dialler can save you time and streamline your workflow.

Instead of manually dialling numbers, you can set up a system that automatically dials leads. This means you can spend more time talking to potential customers and less dialling and waiting for them to answer.

Additionally, auto-dialling can help you maintain consistent productivity throughout the day.

Calls, Updates & Monitoring

Help agents plan their day with automatic calling, updates, and monitoring.

Improve Agent Productivity

They are designed to improve an agent’s productivity by removing the need to search for and dial each individual’s record.


Never miss a call

Cloud Phone System

You can access a cloud phone system from anywhere, at any time. This means that whether your team is in the office, on the road, or working from home, they’ll have access to all the features and technologies to provide excellent customer service.

Available through desktop, mobile or web applications, your team will have features such as voicemail, call routing, ring groups and presence whichever device they use.

Packed with Features

Cloud systems allow hundreds of call and call management features to help the sales process.

All Major Cards

Allow customers from Northern Ireland and the UK to call your business’s number.

CRM Integration

Integrate with Salesforce, HubSpot, Zoho and any other CRM your sales team uses.

Why choose the in2tel network?

Benefit from carrier-grade quality calls, a multi-cloud infrastructure that allows a 99.999% uptime SLA, and encryption options for signalling (TLS) and media (SRTP/ZRTP).


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“in2tel’s support team are always available for troubleshooting and usually resolves issues on the first call.”

Additional services

Add additional voice services as and when you need them.


Cloud phone system

Packed with call features, in2pbx connects everyone within the office, on the road, or working from home.


Call Management

Are you looking to manage high volumes of inbound or outbound calls?


Card Payments

Ensure all your customer’s payment data is protected and handled securely.

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