Why a softphone could be great for business



A Softphone uses VoIP technology to allow phone calls over an Internet connection. This is the same technology used in popular consumer applications, such as WhatsApp and Apple’s Facetime, and therefore can run from any Internet-enabled device.

Flexible working and remote workers

With many people working around the world, for some companies sitting in a single office is a thing of the past.

A softphone allows you to have your phone on your laptop, your tablet, and your mobile, all connected to a centralised phone number.

A mobile on its own is still a great tool, but without the right applications, it can sometimes lack connectivity to the rest of the business. You also face the cost of calls across foreign countries.

Shared contacts across the company

Most softphones will provide a shared contact database, allowing you to search for contacts within the application. This can be very useful in large organisations when working on projects with stakeholders you may not have met before. Another benefit is that all employees will have up-to-date contact details across the company, which can be hard to share.

Increase availability and productivity

Softphones are often built into modern business phone systems. This could be a hosted PBX like in2pbx or a collaboration tool such as Microsoft Teams. With these applications, you gain various business features that increase availability and productivity.

in2pbx is a hosted PBX that comes with a softphone application. Using this softphone, you gain access to a large range of settings that link your desk phone’s ‘IP Phone’, your mobile, and your desktop.

in2pbx settings menu

Keep personal numbers private

When on the road, you often find that you end up giving your phone number out so that people can always get in touch with you. This can be problematic, as you will often receive texts and calls when you want to switch off from work.

A softphone allows you to keep a single number for work, even if you are using the application on your mobile.

in2pbx settings menu

With in2pbx you have several presence settings so that colleagues can see when you are not available, plus you can also route calls based on each setting.

Using chat and conference on a softphone

While there are a lot of free chat applications on the market, having a chat feature within a softphone is very useful. A chat feature allows you to drop someone a message or reminder that does not require a phone call. It is also a more suitable approach if someone’s presence is set to ‘Away’ or you are in a meeting or travelling.

Conferencing used to be annoying, with complex systems that could even require an IT person to set up. Now softphones allow you to setup up a conference call with only a few clicks. This can also reduce costs for companies that use several systems to achieve conferencing with their phone systems.

In in2pbx, you can add up to 8 additional contacts into a conference call, these can be internal extensions or external numbers.

in2pbx settings menu

Fewer cables and hardware within the office

Softphones require no infrastructure in an office.

For businesses with multiple offices, the cost of providing a connection point for every employee soon builds up. There is a lot of cabling and hardware required and then there is the constant electricity usage.

Having fewer cables and hardware on the desks will also make the office look less cluttered and more presentable.


There are many advantages to using a softphone, whether it’s a lone tool or within a business system. You will find staff availability and productivity is greatly increased while reducing the need for additional systems, infrastructure, and costs.

in2pbx is a hosted phone system that uses a VoIP softphone as its main interface. If you would like to find out more, please get in touch and we can organise a demo.


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