in2pbx Ring Group

A ring group helps you to ring a group of extensions in a variety of ring strategies. For example, you could define all the technical support guys’ extensions in a ring group and ring the support guys one by one.

Add a Ring Group

  1. Go to Settings > PBX > Call Features > Ring Group, click Add.
  2. Configure the ring group.
    • Number: Use the default number or change the number.
    • Name: Give a name for the ring group to help you identify it.
    • Ring Strategy:
      • Ring All Simultaneously: Ring all the available extensions simultaneously.
      • Ring Sequentially: Ring each extension in the group one at a time.
    • Seconds to ring each member: Define how long the system will wait to ring the next member.
    • Members: Select the desired extensions to the selected box.
    • Failover Destination: Define what will happen if none of the members in the ring group answers the call in the defined time.
  3. Click Save and Apply.

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