All you need to know about remote working solutions


Being able to work remotely from home or on the road has quickly become the new norm. Up until 2020, many businesses were against the idea of staff working outside of an office and therefore hadn’t developed a strategy or put in place the technology to enable a remote working environment. The pandemic has now made remote working a reality for most and businesses have quickly realised the importance of having remote working solutions in place. It means that employees can work in a safe environment while not losing productivity due to the lack of technology or procedures.

Why you need remote working solutions

Communication with remote working solutions

Whether it’s internal or outbound communication, your staff need the right hardware and platforms to communicate with people. Your office phone solution may have lots of useful features that increase productivity but if these can’t be taken home, your employee’s productivity is going to drop outside of the office.
A unified communications platform allows all communication information to be stored in the Cloud. Employees can log in from anywhere, on any device, and have the same contacts, history, and set up as they would in the office. It means they are always the same toolset, work can be paused and restarted quickly, even when on the move.

With the pandemics restrictions in place, the need for travel and face-to-face meetings has been reduced. Customers and suppliers may require your employees to communicate remotely. If you don’t have the right technology in place, it could leave these stakeholders unhappy.


Without a remote working solution in place, working outside of the office poses some risks. Employees are no longer on the company network, which will have a firewall and security policies in place to protect valuable data.

Employees may choose to use their equipment that might not be updated with the latest security patch. Unless company equipment is used outside of the office, it’s hard to enforce staff to run regular anti-virus scans on their devices.

Outdated or end-of-life equipment also poses risks as vendors will no longer release crucial security updates to protect it from the latest threats. These devices may not have the same level of security as the company’s assets and won’t have been audited.

While some bosses think remote working reduces productivity, Fortune 500 studies have found that with the right technology and procedures in place, productivity is generally stable and in some cases increased.

Why choose in2tel for a remote working solution

in2tel specialises in remote communication solutions, ranging from office and call centre phone systems to disaster recovery. It has over 15 years of expertise in the communication industry and provides systems for over 300 customers.

in2tel’s network allows it to build continuity into all of its remote working solutions so that it’s business as usual when the unexpected happens.

It offers a unified communication platform that allows voice services, instant chat, and video conferencing that can be accessed from a desk phone, mobile application, or desktop application.

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in2pbx offers a collaborative, agile, and inclusive virtual work environment. It enables businesses in every industry to connect with their team and customers easily and securely from multiple devices. It allows users to make and receive calls via their phone lines, see the status of their colleagues, chat, retrieve voicemails, and access the company phonebook easily and securely, all from their mobile phones or computer desktop.

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There is no complicated equipment installation and no onerous configurations, in2pbx can be up and running in no time whatsoever. Business users can manage extensions, and call routing with zero-touch provisioning and easy customisation via a user-friendly web-based interface.

in2pbx can be rolled out in 48 hours for any business. If you’d like to learn more about in2pbx or have any concerns, feel free to leave us your message or call 1800 91 1800.

About in2tel

in2tel is a telecoms carrier and solution provider that’s been operating in Ireland and the UK for 15 years. It provides organisations with an affordable, bespoke design that is often found in large-scale enterprises. in2tel’s services provide communication channels for contact centres, sales and marketing teams and internal departments for a large variety of small businesses and SMEs.