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in2pbx: Manage Calls on Your Extension

Block Incoming/Outgoing Numbers

You can log in to the Extension User Portal to add a blacklist to block incoming numbers from calling your extension and restrict calling undesired outgoing numbers from your extension. If your PBX administrator has added a global blacklist for all users, the global blacklist will be displayed on your Blacklist page.

Block-Incoming-Outgoing-Numbers-in2pbx -
  1. Go to Me > Blacklist/Whitelist > Blacklist, click Add.
  2. On the Add Blacklist page, set the blocked numbers.
    • Name: Set the blacklist name.
    • Number: Enter the blocked numbers. Note: Besides entering specific numbers, you can also use patterns to block a range of numbers. For example, entering 18. will block the numbers that start with digits 18.
    • Type: Select the type of blocked numbers.
      • Inbound: The blocked numbers could not reach your extension.
      • Outbound: You cannot call the blocked numbers.
      • Both: You cannot call the blocked numbers and the blocked numbers could not reach your extension.
  3. Click Save and Apply.

Add Trusted Incoming Numbers

For example, if you are the boss of your company, you may want to receive a call from your secretary only. In this scenario, you can set the secretary’s number as the only trusted incoming number.

  1. Go to Me > Blacklist/Whitelist > Whitelist, and check the option Whitelist Only. Note: All the incoming calls will be blocked, only the trusted numbers can reach your extension.Add-trusted-Incoming-Numbers-in2pxbx-1
  2. Click Add.
  3. On the Add Whitelist page, set the trusted numbers.Add-Trusted-Incoming-Numbers-in2pbx-2
    • Name: Set the whitelist name.
    • Number: Enter the trusted numbers.
    • Type: Select Inbound.
  4. Click Save and Apply.

If you want to receive only trusted incoming calls, you can log in Extension User Portal to set trusted incoming numbers.

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