Call Centre Solutions: Queue Management

In2tel integrate a fully functional IVR system with the kind of queue management capabilities previously only available from expensive customer premises equipment. View queued callers in real time using both graphical and data list tools. Combine this with call log reporting to identify and solve problems for multiple customers and campaigns in real time.

Key Features

  • Report on queue, and operator performance using our call log reporting suite
  • Part of our CC4Web suite of browser based call-control products to create a complete call centre solution
  • No requirement for extra lines to queue callers

Benefits of Queue Management

  • Live queue graphs keep you up to date with the current situation in your call centre
  • View historical call statistics using graphical reporting tools to identify and solve problems
  • We only release calls from our network queue when an operator is available
  • Queue buster allows callers to keep their place in queue and be called back when an agent is available

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