Call Centre Solutions: CC4Web

We integrate both inbound and outbound calls to allow you to control and maximise efficiency of call centre staff. We offer both outbound dialling from campaign lists and ad-hoc calls with the same call recording and call-control facilities which are possible with inbound calls. Upload out dialling campaign lists via the website or FTP and track progress of leads using our call reporting suite.

Key Features

  • Keep track of operator utilisation for both inbound and outbound calls
  • Keep line open to operator to minimise downtime between calls
  • Manage operator status and compile performance statistics using our call reporting suite
  • Make outbound calls using either our browser based CC4Web system or by short code or two-stage IDA
  • Optional VoIP communication to operators to potentially reduce costs

Benefits of CC4Web

  • Web browser based CC4Web means that no special software need be installed
  • Network solution means seamless integration between office and home workers
  • AJAX technology ensures prompt interaction with telephony services
  • Fully configurable "widget" centered design allows you to create custom control centres containing only the tools you use

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