Irish Telecoms for UK and International Businesses

Ireland with in2tel branding

Operate in the Irish market without any existing infrastructure. If you’re looking to operate from within Ireland or remotely from your existing location, in2tel can provide all of the necessary telecom services to begin your operation.

For multination businesses already using Irish telecom services, we’ll look to heavily reduce your spending, and bring everything under a single platform.

Physical and Remote Operations

Call Routing

Direct Irish phone calls to any destination. Quickly change destination phone numbers or services such as voicemail or auto-attendants.

Irish Phone Numbers

Chooses from a wide selection of Irish phone numbers. We provide Local Area, Freephone, or National telephone numbers.

SMS and Messaging

Send reminders, security authorisations, and push notifications for everyday communication with customers.

Operating within Ireland

Phone Systems

A single phone system that can operate between countries, our hosted phone system is the answer. Access from anywhere with no infrastructure requirements.

Business Landlines

We provide high-quality, low-cost business landlines. Use VoIP technology for calls, sent over the in2tel network

Call Centre Operations

For larger operations with multiple customer service operatives, we can provide everything you need for a remote or physical call centre.

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