Is a hosted phone system right for your business?

Choosing a hosted phone system for your business can be a difficult decision. There are now many different solutions on the market ranging from traditional ISDN phone systems, on-premises IP phone systems and now IP phone systems that are hosted by the service provider.

Hosted products are now more common across the technology market and a hosted phone system works in the same way as other hosted products. A service provider like ourselves hosts the infrastructure on our premises and delivers it to the customer via the Cloud. For our hosted phone system in2pbx, this is through a browser and desktop and mobile applications.

The only hardware you may choose, are handsets and even these are not a requirement. More and more companies are opting for a hosted phone system over traditional communications.

What are the benefits of a hosted phone system?

  • Low initial setup

    With no need for expensive infrastructure or installation, initial setup costs are very low in comparison to on-premises solutions.

  • No maintenance costs

    Because the phone system is hosted by the service provider there is no need to maintain it from your end. All maintenance, upgrades and support are dealt with by the service provider. If the system does encounter faults, you’re not going to have to pay any more for it to be fixed.

  • Scalable solution

    With in2pbx you can start with as few as four users. You can add or remove users as and when needed only paying for a single month.

  • User-friendly

    All browsers and applications come with user-friendly interfaces. Users should be able to jump straight into the phone system without training, however, if some guidance is needed we have dedicated support pages and a helpline.

  • Mobility and internal comms

    With a hosted phone system, your staff can be situated anywhere in the world and they can still make and receive calls. All they need is an Internet connection and a suitable device. A hosted phone system also connects multiple offices with a single solution easy and removes internal call charges.

  • Secure communication

    Your service provider will update your PBX with the latest security patches and firewall. They can also set security rules to heavily reduce the risk of fraud and hacking. Most hosted phone systems have disaster recovery built into the system so that if anything was to happen to your office or phone lines, your communication channels won’t go down.

  • Advanced Unified Communications

    Advanced call features found on a hosted system allow for enhanced communication. in2pbx has live chat and conference features that allow employees to communicate in the most suitable means.