The Phone System for Small Businesses

A powerful and user-friendly phone system specifically designed for small to medium-sized businesses, offering all the features you need to keep your communication running smoothly.

Greet customers with a professional and friendly voice that will guide them directly to the right person. Users can quickly change device priority and call-forwarding rules based on their schedules.

Make sure customers always find a response. Built-in features such as voicemail, auto-attendant, and ring strategies ensure calls are never missed.

No infrastructure required

Web, mobile & desktop application

Sign up with as little as 4 users

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Our Phone System is now Available Using Microsoft Teams

in2pbx is now available through one of the most used business tools of 2022, Microsoft Teams. Bring your phone system and collaboration tools under a single platform. You’ll have all the capabilities of a modern phone system, with the beautiful interfaces of the Teams platform.

  • Calls delivered via the in2tel network
  • Additional in2tel services can be added
  • High-quality, low-cost calls
  • Packed with call features

Work from any Location and any Technology

You can send incoming calls to another extension, any chosen number, an IVR, voicemail, ring group or queue.


High-Quality Voice

The in2tel network features Tier-1 interconnects and a private MPLS fibre backbone to provide fantastic call quality and minimise hops on the public internet.

Work on the Move

Choose which device should answer calls depending on your schedule. Set your presence and your settings will automatically switch to help you and your caller.

Intuitive Call Routing

Ensure your customers always go to the correct person as quickly as possible. Whether you’re in the office, in a meeting, or on the road.

Reduce Your Monthly Bills

There’s a good chance in2pbx will reduce your phone bill. The in2tel network provides fantastic call rates and the system requires very little upfront investment — all internal calls are free!

Reliable and Secure

in2tel’s redundant multi-cloud infrastructure and carrier independence eliminate downtime. There are encryption options for signalling (TLS) and media (SRTP/ZRTP) to ensure your communications stay secure.

Irish & UK Support

All our support staff are located within in2tel and are based in Ireland or the UK. They all have vast hands-on experience with the phone system.

Effortlessly Manage Your Business Communications with Advanced Features and Flexibility


Mobile & Desktop App

A mobile and desktop softphone that provides the phone system’s in-office experience and powerful collaboration features.


Create personalised greeting messages and get notified immediately when received.


Have your voicemails automatically converted to email and sent to a destination of your choice.

Call Transfer

Relocate existing telephone calls to the appropriate department, agent, or phone, using a transfer button.

Do Not Disturb (DND)

When active, any incoming calls will be blocked for that extension and the call will be passed to the group.

Call Parking

Put a call on hold at one telephone set and continue the conversation from any other telephone set.

Call Logs

Record every detail of each inbound and outbound call, including CLIs, DDIs, and the corresponding agents.

Ring Groups

Organise your extensions in a variety of ring strategies, so that incoming calls are always answered.

Time-based Routing

Choose where calls go after your office closes or on weekends.

Hot Desking

Log in to any phone and instantly have access to your extension, voicemails, contacts and other settings.

Computer Telephony Integration

Control your physical handset from your computer. You can dial and use any of the phone system’s features with a few clicks of a mouse.

Music on Hold

Plays a choice of music over the phone, while a caller is on hold.

Pin Codes

Used to manage lists of PIN codes that can access restricted features such as outbound routes.

Allowed & Not Allowed

Numbers in Allowed can call in or be called. Not Allowed is used to block incoming and outgoing calls.

Car Bluetooth

Use the phone system through your car’s Bluetooth for safe, hands-free driving.

Cloud Phone System Benefits

Transform your desktop and mobile

Our VoIP app transforms your desktop and mobile phone into a fully-featured office extension, providing a convenient call experience and offering powerful collaboration features like presenceinstant messaging, and CRM integration.

Stay connected

Allow your employees to communicate more effectively and securely inside and outside your organisation.

This phone system is perfect for businesses with multiple offices or home-working policies. Your staff will be equipped to serve and aid your callers, whether they’re in the office, or in their own living room.

Contact lists can be compromised of entire organisations or departments, so internal contacts can be found quickly.

Choose the best path for incoming calls

Easily set your presence, call forwarding, and ring strategy. Calls will be instantly sent to the chosen destination.

This is where our phone system has advantages over standard phone lines. Users can easily walk away from their desk, office, or normal work environment without having to worry about missing a call.

It means staff can stay productive on the move, customers remain happy because calls are answered, and internal calls are free!


The Phone System Built for Reliability and Security

Carrier-Grade Quality

Tier-1 interconnects and a private MPLS fibre backbone minimises hops on the public internet.

99.999% Uptime SLA

Redundant multi-cloud infrastructure and carrier independence eliminate downtime.

Unmatched Security

Encryption options for signalling (TLS) and media (SRTP/ZRTP) ensure your communications are secure.

Features Continued


Essential +

All the features included in the Essential package are included with in2pbx Plus.


Take the pressure off your agents by routing calls to the correct department, before the customer reaches a person!

Audio Upload

Upload music or voice audio files for when callers are left on hold.

Call Monitor

Listen in on agents’ calls in real-time or record for later retrieval to improve agent performance.

Pickup Groups

Answer a call on another extension in your designated group by pressing a soft key or entering a short code.


Callback will hang up the caller and call them back so that they are directed to the selected destination.

Speed dial

Turn numbers into short codes, reducing the need to look up and dial long-form phone numbers.


Enable multiple on-site and outside callers to participate simultaneously in password-protected conference calls..

The in2tel Network

Not only does in2pbx come with a fantastic set of call-handling features, but it also benefits from the in2tel network.

Reduce your phone bills up to


The in2tel network offers fantastic calling rates with great call quality. If you’d like to see if we can knock money off your existing bill, get in touch. We’ll review your bills and provide a straight-up answer, whether we can or not.

Free internal calls


That’s right all internal calls within the business are free. It doesn’t matter if you dial on a mobile, from your desktop, or on your handset, if the other member answers using the in2pbx app the call will be free.

SLA Uptime


The in2tel network has been built with reliability in mind. It has multiple fail-safes and consists of three separate sites. In the unlikely event, that one or even two sites were to fail, a single site is enough to manage all of in2tel’s network traffic.

Cloud Phone System Packages

Choose from two packages, the Essential package comes with the tools suitable for most businesses, with Plus additional call handling and monitoring features.


Talk to sales

Per user

VoIP App



Call Transfer

Do not Disturb (DND)

Call Parking

Call Logs

Ring Groups

Time-based routing

Music on Hold

PIN List

Allowed & Not Allowed Numbers


Talk to sales

Per user

+ Essential Features

Auto Attendant / IVR

Audio upload

Call Monitor

Pickup Groups


Speed Dial


Our Customers Love our Phone System!

We, in Arthritis Ireland, are delighted with the service and support provided by the team in2tel. They have allowed our national helpline service to grow during the pandemic when our community were particularly anxious and looking for support and information.

On the rare occasions that we have a technical problem with the app or an extension, the help team resolve it immediately and with the minimum of fuss.

Arthritis IrelandPeter Boyd

Threshold has been working with in2tel for the past couple of years. They were able to help us adapt very quickly from a fixed phone system to a cloud-based phone system which enabled us to continue to deliver our vital helpline for tenants experiencing housing problems whilst we worked remotely as part of COVID-19 public health restrictions.

During this time the team were very supportive in terms of building the system to meet our needs and also the excellent customer service provided when issues arose.

ThreasholdStephen Large

Let’s get in touch!

If you’d like us to review your current phone bill. Please send it as an attachment to We’ll have one of our experts give you an honest answer and if we can save you money.

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