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1800 - Freephone

1800 numbers allow the callers to contact companies free of charge from anywhere in Ireland (including mobiles). It's a well-known fact using a freephone number will increase the enquiries your advertising produces – people like something that’s free - given a choice between two adverts offering the same sort of thing – you’d ring the one with the Freephone number first.

  • More than 80% of people know that 1800 numbers cost nothing to call.
  • Freephone numbers give you a competitive marketing edge

1850 - Callsave

1850 numbers allow callers to contact companies at a fixed rate per call, you then pay the balance of the call on a per second basis. Customers calling from a standard Eircom telephone will only pay 6.66c* fixed charge no matter where they call from within Ireland, regardless of the time that they spend on the phone (calls from mobiles, charge cards and other networks may cost more). You just pick up the balance of the cost of the call.

  • Ideal for promoting customer loyalty.
  • Fixed cost to the caller regardless of their time on the call.

1890 - Locall

1890 numbers allow the caller to contact your company for the price of a local call, regardless of where they or you are located and you pay the balance of the call. Callers dialling from a standard Eircom telephone line will pay 5.17c* day time & 1.32c* evening / weekends per minute while you pay the balance (calls from mobiles, charge cards and other networks may cost more). Unlike 1850, callers will pay the local rate for the duration of the call, for example a 5 minute call to you will cost your customer 25.85c* (assuming the call is from an Eircom line during the day)

  • Advertising a 1890 number gives your business a "local feel" whilst still maintaining a national presence.
  • Conveys a professional "Big" business image.

0818 - National

The 0818 numbers enable people to call you from anywhere in Ireland for the price of a national rate call (before any discounts), and you don't pay to receive the calls. Customers calling from standard Eircom telephone will pay 5.19c/min* day time and 1.33c/min* evening & weekend time no matter where they call from within Ireland (calls from mobiles, charge cards and other networks may cost more). This gives your business nationwide coverage without the need to invest in local branches.

  • Ideal for Service / Information calls as the caller pays for the call.
  • No Charges for your calls (land line delivery).
  • Exclusive offer available for startup businesses - Call Dan on 01 4851976 for more details!


In some business environments, only a true local number will do. For these types of businesses In2tel can provide our Areacall services, these are true local numbers - Dublin 01, Cork 021, Limerick 061, Galway 091 (and all areas covered). Using these can increase the effectiveness of your localised adverts as you seem to be in the same area as the customer.

  • Real local telephone numbers - all 107 areas covered.
  • Ideal for expanding your local reach in publications like Golden Pages.

* pricing provided as an indication only, based on Eircom standard charges at the time of publication. For confirmed pricing please refer to your telephone provider

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