Calls & Lines: Inbound Solutions

Our inbound solutions provide a customisable, self service solution to give you complete control of your calls. Our platform enables you to handle growing call volumes and maxmimise your resource at a lower cost. Taking a business first approach we have delivered a solution that is competitively priced, scalable and ensures the very highest call quality thanks to the in-built resilience of our core network.

In it's most basic form, our inbound solution provides the features our customers have told us are most important. This includes live reporting, complete stats, instant moves and changes, complete online billing and total self service management via our cloud based call control platform.

Number Translation

Our simplest application allows you to log-in to our secure site, pick your number and input the new destination number, then click save. The next call will simply be diverted to its new answering point. Calls can be targeted at landline, mobiles or international destinations dependant on the agreed tariffing.

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This product allows you to tell the system multiple numbers that you would like the calls to be answered at - for instance your office, mobile and a 3rd party answering service. An added facility on this service is a voicemail environment which captures any calls that are not answered and emails you a recording.

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Building on the complexity of the Locator service, the next step is a time control element, thus allowing calls to follow one path when the business is open and available to take calls and another when its not. Finder has been built to allow you to define your opening hours and days, then route each (up to 4) time zones to a destination number.

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Bespoke IVR

Bespoke IVR is the jewel in our crown allowing customers to configure an IVR service to do pretty much anything they want. This is achieved through building blocks which include Messages, menus, time based routing, queues, DTM, CLI and Skillset routing to name just a few of the limitless options including in this incredibly powerful game changing application.

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